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Tech Help

Troubleshooting Zoom

Before troubleshooting, have you?

Lagging & Freezing

Test your internet connection to ensure you have appropriate bandwidth. Ideally, you should have at least 1 Mbps for both your upload and download speeds.
Close excess browser tabs and computer programs, especially ones that use lots of bandwidth, memory, or processing power.

Zoom Best Practices

Center Your Camera

If you’re coming on camera, position your camera so your head and shoulders are clearly visible. If you’re using a laptop, put a book (or two) underneath to help bring it to eye level.

Use the Zoom Desktop Client
You’ll get the best experience from the Zoom Desktop Client. Click the button below to download the right version of the desktop client for your computer.
Be Mindful of Backgrounds
If you’re in a busy area during a call, you can easily use the Zoom Virtual Background feature to cover it up.
Mute Yourself When Not Talking

Zoom calls can get really hectic, and background noise can easily distract. Once you’re finished speaking, mute yourself to help limit background noise for all.